Scooter Decks in Geelong

A Scooter deck is simply the platform on the scooter where your feet stand.  Scooter Decks have come a long way in a short time period from the cheap aluminium thing that could fold in half and had to have bolt running through it in order to keep it together long enough to actually use!  The Numfish Surf and Scoot Shop in Moolap Geelong has a range of the most popular Scooter decks on the market and we can order in pretty much any scooter deck you might want, all backed up with local service too.   These days, scooter decks are very sleek and smooth, with some amazing finishes on them and they are packed with features to make assembly, use and maintenance as simple as possible.  Everyone has their own preferences of Scooter deck, so come and talk to us and check out the Scooter decks and all the other scooter gear at the same time.