Scooter Grip Tape

Scooter Grip tape is what’s placed on your scooter deck to keep your feet gripped to the deck when riding.  Sound obvious enough, but mum and dad may ask the question so there you go ! And yes it does wears out and it is well worth changing more often than people realise.  There is nothing worse than having lots of crashes and fails simply because your grip is poor ! Scooter grip tape can be pre-cut or uncut, both have their own pro’s and con’s. Personally I find it easier to put uncut grip tape on a scooter deck and trim it perfectly to the shape of that deck. Installing precut grip tape requires perfect positioning of the grip tape so it looks nice when finished, and that is sometimes hard to manage.  In the end both work just as well as they both grip up the scooter deck properly. Fitment of grip tape can be a bit of an artform so if you are local to us in the Geelong region drop in and see us, pick up some new grip tape and get your new grip tape fitted instore at Numfish Surf and Scoot.