Scooter Handgrips

The majority of Scooter companies have their own branded Scooter hand grips, which have their own unique style and feel. They have various grooves and patterns,, some come with flanges, some are softer and some are harder, etc… They all have their own feel and it comes down to personal preference for each scooter rider think feels good and minimises blisters and slipping. The only common thing is all scooter hand grips will wear out and sometimes even get sticky and gooey as they disintegrate.  The good news is they are simple and relatively cheap to replace. Check this selection of Scooter hand grips out for some of the best and most popular options. As a general rule it’s usually best to get the softest grips you can as they tend to be the most comfy, practical and least irritating on your skin. Fitment of Grips is pretty easy when you know the right technique, we can fit scooter hand grips purchased from us to your bars instore or before we ship your new bars to you to help out.