Scooter Headset Damage

Scooter Headsets do get damaged frequently, and it’s no surprise why with the amount of riding and extreme pressures put on the Headset bearings.  Most of the time it’s not usually visible whether or not a headset has damage to it, you can only feel or hear if it’s broken while it’s installed in your scooter. Key things to knowing whether there’s damage to a headset are clicking, rattling, creaking, squeaking or any noise, or if it feel like the headset doesn’t spin smoothly or at even at all. If a scooter is put together incorrectly it can cause the headset to not work properly.  Incorrect installation can easily break the headset bearings. Incorrect installation can cause your compression to be too loose causing your headset to wobble, if it’s too tight causing the headset bearings to crush completely or if it was inserted into the deck correctly. Scooter Headset bearings will suffer from general wear and tear through usage over, keep dirt and water out of the headset to keep it in good condition. Something to do in order to keep a scooter headset running well is to keep it clean and don’t damage the seals.  Correctly installation and care is important, something that we can assist you with in store at Numfish surf and scoot.