Scooter Headset Types Non-Integrated and Integrated

A non-integrated Scooter headset can only be used for a non-integrated scooter deck, these headsets comes with two cups and the bearings that sit inside the cups. These cups have to be pressed into the deck. Both non-integrated headsets and decks are essentially outdated so it is unlikely you will come across a new deck that still uses this style of headset and deck.   They are still used on lower priced models simply because of price. They function perfectly well when sealed bearings are used. An integrated Scooter headset is used for an integrated scooter deck, which is how majority of decks are made now as it’s a superior style of deck and headset, and is much easier to work with. It consists of two bearings and a few spacers and collars, the scooter decks are made integrated so it eliminates the need of the cups that non-integrated decks need, making everything easier. An integrated scooter headset is now the standard for 99% of complete scooters and scooter decks . Numfish stock a wide range of integrated Scooter Headsets, and can order Non-Integrated scooter headsets if needed in a rare case.