Scooter HIC Compression

In the world of scooters, HIC compression means "Hidden Internal Compression" It’s called a Hidden Internal Compression because a shim sleeve is placed over the top of the fork with a bolt feeding into a thread inside the top of the fork that when tightened it compresses the headset and forks together. Then an oversized scooter bars is fitted over the shim sleeve , making the compression system completely hidden !  Did you get all that ! Have a look at some Scooter Compression systems to see it make sense a bit better An important thing to know about Scooter HIC is that it can only be used with an oversized scooter bar with a slit and it requires  an oversized clamp to hold the scooter bars onto the shim sleeve that is holding the fork in place. An oversized scooter bar is based on the internal diameter being critical for HIC operation. The great thing about HIC is that it does a good job and it keeps the front end of the scooter fairly light weight, so depending on what you like in your scooter regarding it weight HIC could be a great choice.