Scooter ICS Compression

The ICS Scooter compression is short for “Internal Compression System”  ICS was one of the first compressions made to be a step forward and away from threaded forks.  It was popular in earlier days of scooters as compression systems where being developed for scooters. It was either a weak threaded fork or the ICS compression. This compression consists of a starnut that’s inserted into a standard size bars (sometimes the starnuts welded into the bar) with a long bolt that’s fed through the forks and tightened into the starnut. Not all forks are compatible as the compression needs a hole at the bottom of the fork tube for a very long compression bolt to go through and a surface for the head of the compression bolt to sit against so it will pull the fork into the bar firmly. This form of compression does allow you to have a very light front end on your scooter, but is also very awkward to tighten firmly and adjust to eliminate headshake as it requires a specific tool such as a very long allen key or socket set. As other scooter compression systems have developed, its very rare to utilise this system when far easier and simple compression systems exist such as HIC, IHC and SCS. If you are needing any help with your scooters compression system contact us at Numfish.