Scooter IHC Compression

In the Scooter world, IHC means “Internal Hidden Compression” is mainly used in complete off the shelf scooters such as Envy, Fasen and Sacrifice. The compression is a variant on HIC and operates in the same way but with a smaller diameter fork and shim sleeve.  This allows a standard size scooter bar with a slit cut in it to be placed over the shim sleeve. Why bother with all this though ? The answer is weight reduction and cost reduction ! A great scooter can be made with less material ! This compression system is easy to work with just like HIC and it is very effective. However it is important to note that not all aftermarket standard size scooter bars will fit over IHC compressions. The team at Numfish can help you work out what things need to be done to modify your scooter to fit and ride with what ever parts you want. Contact us if you are not sure.