Scooter parts, and fitting them together.

It’s important to make sure your scooter parts are compatible with each other. This is true for a full custom scooter or if you are altering your existing scooter which could be full custom or an off the shelf complete scooter. It would be terrible for anyone to get their money saved up, order their scooter parts online and receive it to find out that it doesn’t fit and work together, and because you’ve attempted to put it together at home you can’t return simply return it due to you already using the products. To avoid these mistakes, it’s best to come visit us at Numfish (or contact us via email or phone) to make sure you get the correct products to fix or build your scooter from the start. We also check our online orders as best we can to ensure that the parts you buy will fit together, of course its not always that simple as we don’t always know what your adjusting on your scooter… Most problems that occur when building or adjusting a scooter is whether or not things fit together, an example being that certain size bars will only fit certain compressions, like an oversized bar can only be used with an oversized clamp.  It also depends on the inside and outside diameter of the bar as aluminium bars has a thicker wall thickness making it only available for particular compressions and clamps. That’s just the start of it and brands are all different !, it’s a complicated process. To make it easier on yourself, just contact us at Numfish Surf and Scoot to avoid any dramas.