Scooter riding for all ages and skill levels

Be it for transport, tricks and stunts, or toddlers just learning to balance, scooters can be ridden by anyone from age 2 and up! Whatever it is for, it's great exercise and fun for anyone and can be taken on smooth surfaces through to rough dirt and bumps. All you need is the right scooter to suit your needs, then you can make it as relaxing or as challenging as you want. Every rider can choose! Off the shelf complete scooters are fantastic value, or a complete custom scooter can be built up from scooter parts. There are lots of options whichever way you go, but no matter what your circumstance is its probably best to talk it through in a scooter shop to help you get the right scooter for your needs. And you will get great help and advice at Numfish Surf and Scoot! Once you are rolling, make sure you maintain your scooter in good condition. Scooters can be highly customised and it's totally up to the rider - just make sure you get a decent brand scooter that can be repaired and modified as you progress.