Scooter SCS Compression - a combined clamp and compression in one

A Standard Compression System known as a SCS clamp does two things. 1. It provides a compression method to hold your scooter fork to the neck of your scooter deck 2. It provides a simple way to firmly hold your scooter bars to the scooter fork. SCS scooter clamps for scooters are so popular because they are easy to use and are versatile.  They are easy to fit and disassemble, easy to change bars with, and easy to adjust the compression to keep headshake in check.  You can fit any standard scooter bar in an SCS clamp (sometimes you need a shim) and you can fit any Oversize scooter bar in to a SCS clamp (as long as it has a shim that can be removed). You can get small bore SCS scooter clamps that don’t have a shim and will only fit a standard scooter bar, this reduces weight of the SCS scooter Clamp but means only a standard scooter bar can be used with it. It’s important if you’re putting a Scooter bar into an SCS clamp that it has NO SLIT in it, if you bar has a slit you need to trim the bar to remove the slit. The Clamp raises your bars to the original height that you had cut off. If you are not sure what you’re looking at or why something is not working, come and see us and we can assist you with it in store at Numfish Surf and Scoot, Unit 1 , 42 Moon Street Moolap, Geelong.