Scooter Stands in Geelong

Every so often something simple and obvious comes along, and a scooter stand is one of those items. Scooter stands seem to catch almost every parents eye when they walk into our Geelong scooter shop and its pretty clear why that happens - parents get sick of tripping over scooters left at front and back doors, or garage doorways or on the bedroom floor. Its great to look after you scooter and not leave it lying around and in the outside weather or in the shed getting dust in the working parts. Keeping it inside is the best idea and it will help to make your scooter last longer, although parents wouldn’t want their kids scooters being leant up against the wall and falling over leaving marks and scratches. The solution is a scooter stand. It keeps any complete scooter standing upright safely, so there is no tripping hazard, and without leaning it against walls marking everything. It’s a win for parents and the scooter rider. Get down and grab one or get them online and posted to your door from Numfish Surf and Scoot in Geelong.