SCS Compression – Why would you ride one?

By: Numfish   On: 27 July 2018 

An SCS clamp is a 3 or 4 bolt compression clamp, with various brands & styles to choose from.
The benefits of riding an SCS, are that you don’t need to have a slit in your scooter bars, SCS is the only way you can ride a bar with no slit, which strengthens your bar as its removing the weakest area of the bar (where the impact hits every time you land)
SCS can raise your bar height 1.5 inches, as long as you don’t have to chop off your slit & you’ve purchased bars without a slit.
 Some other benefits, which can depend on which SCS you pick is the extensive range of bar options.
An SCS that has a shim inside, you can ride any scooter bar on the market. If there’s no shim, then you still have plenty of options within the standard bar range.


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