Should I have a surfboard with a pointy nose or a more rounded nose ?

The answer to that question depends on the size board and how you want to ride it.  There are no rules or defined rights or wrongs in surfboard nose shapes, its really about what you want and what shape might suit you best.  There is a always a lot of development and testing with surfboard shapes, however lets just note a few things about pointy noses and round noses on surfboards that might help you answer the question relative to yourself. Larger surfboards like mals and mini-mals tend to have round noses (and even smaller boards too like funboards and fishboards)  A wide nose provides more stability to the rider and reduces the likelihood of the nose/top section of the rail digging in to the wave face which can be a problem for novice riders.  It also allows the board to plane along the water a bit easier, so when you are standing with a foot right up to the very top of the nose, or trying to stay on wave that has fattened up it makes it more possible.  A rounded nose is a great choice for longboards so you can nose ride and it’s a great option for all rounder boards to maximise the fun factor in a wide range of conditions. A pointy nose will allow you to dig the rail in to the wave more so you can grip it and work the wave for more speed,  and it will also provide the least amount of mass of a surfboard up front so its quicker to swing it around when doing fast turns and snaps. This is a positive if you’re an experienced rider and want to push the limits of actions on the wave.  That’s why its common to see pointy noses on surfboards that are small or short. Therefore they are usually called shortboards or performance surfboards. On occasion you will see long surfboards that look like a performance board.  Experienced riders will use a surfboard like this when surfing very large waves as they need a larger physical size surfboard to maintain stability, but they want to maximise the performance level from the surfboard too, you may have hear them called Guns, or big wave Guns. If you want to talk it over please call or come and see us at Numfish.