Simple summer fun at the beach with a bodyboard

All you want is a fairly decent and reasonably priced and bodyboard (or boogie board) -  how hard can that be? Shouldn’t be too hard, but a lot of people get confused when looking at them in a surf shop and the prices get pretty high too. And all you wanted was a bit of fun! For a bit of random bodyboarding during the summer holidays or the odd weekend here and there, you just need a basic bodyboard (or maybe one step up from that if you want something a bit more solid) and then go out and have some fun. It does help to have a good coiled wrist leash too. So what is a basic bodyboard? It's one with an EPS core, a couple of layers of soft deck material on it and a slick base, and maybe a fibreglass stringer if you want it a bit more solid (or if you’re a bigger person), that helps it perform better in the water for you. Numfish stock some great bodyboard options that will fill this criteria without busting your bank account.