Soft Surfboard fin Installation and Removal

No Special tools are needed for this task, in the event you are missing fins or screws, you can get a replacement fin kit from Numfish, Fin kits are available online and can be shipped anywhere in Australia. Soft Surfboard fin Installation
  1. Before installing, make sure the plastic screws tips are about just below the surface of the base of the board when pushed into the board (up to 5-10 mm below is fine), if they are too long, simply snip them shorter with some pliers or other suitable tool.
  2. Remove the screws carefully so they can go back in the same place, push a fin into the base of the board until its flush with the base, you might hear a crunch as the epoxy layer pushed through like on a Numfish RUSH soft surfboard - that's ok.  Work it around to get the fin sitting flush with the base.
  3. Put the screws in from the top, and tighten by hand and the palm of your hand  as much as possible, you may need to jig the fin around a little to enable the screws to go in easily, and then push the fin back flush against the base once the screws are nearly all done up.
  4. Finish tightening the screw up with a 50 cent piece or another plastic screw head. DON’T use a screwdriver !
  5. The screw head should be depressed slightly into the surfboard surface.
  6. Simply repeat the installation process for all fins.
  7. Check the screws are firm before each surf.
Soft Surfboard fin Removal
  1. Simply unscrew the screws and pull out the fin.
  2. If you forget which screw come from which hole, don't worry - just check before reinstallation that the screw tip depth is about 5-10mm below the base of the board, so the screw will tighten up into the fin.
You can contact us directly if you need some help or advice.