Soft Surfboard Repairs

Numfish Soft Surfboards are quite resilient to wear and tear and general damage so can still have a long and useful life even as they gain battle scars. If it is finally beyond repair grab a one, all our Numfish Softboards are available online for shipment Australia Wide. Some pretty major damage can be patched up to allow the board to continue its life safely. Numfish Rush and Numfish Breeze Soft surfboards can be patched up with silicon for repairs such as gashes and cuts from hitting other objects, or re-adhesion of deck materials from air bubbles due to excess heat situations.  Here is a quick guide on how to do it.
  1. Make sure the area to be repaired is dry and free of dust and debri such as sand and wax.
  2. If its a stab/gash/cut type wound, just squeeze silicon in to it and smooth it off to the surface.
  3. If there is surface material to place back over the damaged area just place the surface material into the silicon and smooth it out.  Use silicon to make sure there is no edges uncovered, it wont look fantastic but at least its repaired
  4. If your damage is a heat damage bubble of some sort, cut it with a sharp blade along the longest center line of the bubble, squeeze some clear silicon into the furthest extremities of the area being repaired and smooth it out to make the surface as smooth as possible.  As you massage the silicon out of the bubble it will stretch the surface material, allow the two sides of the cut to overlap, and then use a sharp blade to cut through both edges to result in a perfect join from the one cut. Make sure the resultant cut is sealed over with silicon.
Just because your soft board got some damage does not mean it doesn't have surfable life in it. Please note that any repairs done on Numfish soft surfboards are not covered under the Numfish standard warranty. This Information is here to purely to help people stretch the most use out of their Softboard.