Surfboard choices made easy

Ever looked on the web for a surfboard or information on surfboards? You can come away feeling more confused than when you started. All the top brands and boutique brands will tell you a whole lot of specs of size and volume and a blurb about skills and how much volume you need for your size, and they normally show some awesome clips of a pro surfer making it look just perfect as well. Whatever your circumstance is, you just need to consider a few basic things in choosing a surfboard. Your size, weight, agility, ability, attitude, location of living, the beach and conditions you would most often go surfing in.  If you consider these things it will help your selection immensely. Heres a few simple tips to help you as well.
  • The bigger the board the more it will float, that makes it easier to paddle and stay riding.
  • Smaller boards are harder to ride but are highly manoeuvrable, they are great fun but will probably provide you less fun on a percentage basis of time spent riding.
  • Long surfboards paddle faster and catch waves easier than smaller boards as they glide through the water more easily.
  • Smaller surfboards are easier to get out in big surf on as duckdiving whitewash is more possible.
  • A wider surfboard is more stable but less manoeuvrable, narrow boards wobble more but are easier to turn.
There is load more things that can be said, all attributes tend to come at a trade off to something else and it can get complicated.  Check out some of Numfish's fibreglass boards to see some simple shapes and styles that cover most people. It always helps to ask questions and talk - and Numfish are always happy to help so get in contact!