Surfboard Ding Repairs – Why to do them ASAP !

Surfboards are fragile objects designed to be light, strong and functional in the surf. However they can be damaged easily, especially when they are out of the water. The most important thing is to fix it as soon as possible. But Why? Its because the water will seep into the foam under the fiberglass of the surfboard. If it’s a PU foam core the foam sucks up the water, causing it the board to become heavier, unbalanced and squishy.  If its EPS foam the water will creep all around the cells of the foam and sometimes can take weeks to drip out of the crack in the fiberglass.  Eitherway its not good for the life of the surfboard. So let the board dry out and seal it up ASAP. The best way is with suitable resin, either in a temporary manner or permanent manner. Numfish offer small repair kits for both PU and epoxy surfboards which are both quick and easy to use, they also include everything you need to fix a ding yourself on the run, and they are only $13-$15.