Surfboard Maintenance

Surfboard maintenance is pretty much non-existent so long as you care for the surfboard to minimise the need for any maintenance, but accidents happen like hitting rocks, other boards, people and the very sly sand impacts.  Silly things happen too…. So if you get some damage, its important to seal the fiberglass ding as soon as possible to stop water soaking up into the board.  Once the board is not in the water, let the water drain out and then repair it.  If its small you could do it yourself with a little resin repair kit. (call Numfish and ask for one in either Epoxy or Polyester resin).  But if its more substantial, either get a surfboard shaper to do it for you, or get more resin and fiberglass and tools and have a go yourself. (Its harder to do than you think) Prevention is better than a cure, so think about what your about to do with your surfboard so you can avoid unnecessary damage and costs.  Sometimes it better to buy a new surfboard so check out some new options here !