The Best Surfboard bags in Torquay.

You can look around in all the shops in Torquay, the Surfcoast and the Bellarine in person but you wont beat the Numfish surfboard bags for what they feature. The quality of stitching, padding and surfaces is obvious.  They are simply outstanding value for the price that you barely pay!  When there are surfboard bags like this available at Numfish, its seriously worth having a bag for every surfboard you own, you would be foolish not too as it only takes 1 slip up and you will spend more getting your board fixed than the price of a bag that could of prevented the damage ! Weather your ride is a shortboard, fish, mal or SUP or even a bodyboard.  Take the short trip and head into Moolap Geelong to Numfish and make the most of the best board bag options around the Torquay region, you will be glad you did !