The Fifth battle of Learning to Surf

The Fifth battle of Learning to Surf is turning the surfboard! Its almost immediate, once you can stand on your surfboard, everyone wants to turn… but Lets go back a half step, trimming is what you really need first, this is basically tiny little turns to keep you sliding across the wave face to stay on the unbroken part of the wave, there is no massive deep cutting turns involved yet.. trimming can generate speed and maintain your ride. So hopefully you are achieving standing up on the board on an unbroken wave and have the surfboard facing across the wave a little bit (like from the last lesson blog). At this point you need to have a foot over the tail area, and a foot comfortably placed towards the centre of the board. Now just lean on to your toes or heal to gently turn the board up the wave face, and the reverse lean to bring the board down the wave face. Only marginally more pressure is needed on the back foot, and then pressure can be bought back to the front foot. That’s trimming, you can get more and more aggressive with it and then it becomes turns.  Changing your foot pressure and angle via your toes, heals, bodyweight, legs, and move the position of your feet. It’s a total feel thing, so play with it and have fun. We cant tell you any more ! Remember that it’s a totally different feel on a longboard versus a shortboard and with different style fins you choose.