Using an Adult softboard at Torquay Beaches

Torquay has world famous beaches at its fingertips !  The Torquay front and back beaches are both great beach options for learning surfers to use an Adult Softboard to get their skills up in the water. Cosies Corner at the Torquay Front beach is a haven for kids and adults alike to get on to their softboards and make their first wave rides in a safe environment. The waves are small and gentle and make learning how to paddle out and on to a wave as easy as possible, then mastering the feeling of gently cruising along a wave, all without the waves and water being too overpowering. Torquay Back beach offers a step up with more powerful waves and various breaks across the different areas of the beach to keep a novice and learner surf rider challenged for quite a while. Depending on the swell, tides and sand movement there will be some sandy parts and rocky parts to contend with, shore breaks and longer peeling waves a bit further out. Just pace yourself and tackle one thing at a time, and as your paddling and beach awareness improves, you will find yourself riding bigger and better waves all the time ! The only thing missing now is you and your Numfish Rush softboard, so get it sorted out and make it happen !