Using Funboards and Fish Surfboards at Torquay Beach and Jan Juc Beach

Torquay Back beach is perfect for Funboards.  When the swell is smaller there are a few break options in the shore break that will entertain for hours, and when the swell is bigger you could drop in to a nice long ride from the point and maybe even link it through to the shore break.  That’s a benefit of a funboard, you can pump them pretty well and stay on the wave through fat sections, this is helped along by the thick and wide style of the OLI Funboard available at Numfish. If you head around to Jan Juc there are constant movements of sand that present different waves everytime you visit.  So it doesn’t matter if the swell is big or small, you will maximise your ability to ride at Jan Juc with a versatile board that is not too long.  If your new to surfing just remember the way to get better is to get more waves, and funboards will help to increase the quantity of waves you can drop in on while still offering decent manoeuvrability once your up and riding.