We have the longboards Torquay beginner surfers and intermediate surfers need!

If you’re looking for longboards to surf in Torquay, Numfish has a variety of longboards perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers.  Lets face it - most of us want to surf far more than we get the chance to and many of us end up stalling at the intermediate level of surfing as life gets in the way. The OLI Mals and OLI Mini-mals on offer at Numfish provide an unbelievable board at a fantastic price, they are relatively simple in design and that’s done deliberately to ensure the final owners of the boards know what they are getting and can be confident that it will perform how they want them too with no fancy tricks and gimmicks involved. Current model Mini Mals (2014/2015) stock shapes have a squared squash tail for ease of storage and to minimise damage and a retro nose for a bit of style. Width at 22” is super stable for paddling and riding , and thickness at 2 ¾” gives a high volume to help easy catching of waves, That’s what these longboards are all about, ease of ride and fun !  For the cruisy ride the 9ft2 Mal has a rounded nose and our tinted resin version has a 10” center fin box for real longboarding and nose riding. Watch out for some awesome variations coming soon in the 2015/2016 season!