What are Scooter pegs used for and why would you get them?

Scooter pegs are basically little stubby metal tubes that are attached to the axle of the scooter, They can be put on either the front or back wheel axles. Scooter Pegs are used to open up a whole set of different tricks involving the scooter pegs use. It all sounds fairly obvious to scooter rider ! But we do get asked in the store about this more often from parents who don’t understand. If a scooter rider feels like changing something on their scooter, then pegs are a great option because it can change up your riding a lot. They come in different sizes so if you’d prefer a smaller scooter peg that isn’t going to get caught on your feet, or if you prefer a longer scooter peg which will help make peg grinds easier, we have all different ones available here at Numfish.