What are the differences between the Ethic Pandemonium, Artefact and Erawan Scooter decks?

The one thing that stands out about the Ethic deck range, is the weight. Ethic scooter decks are incredibly light at only 1.2-1.3 kg ! That is significantly less than most scooter decks. Ethic Scooters like most other scooter brands have an entry level, mid level, and top level scooter deck on offer, which of course is reflected in the price as well. When deciding which scooter deck is best for you consider your skill level, design preferences and budget. As at mid 2016, The Ethic Erawan scooter deck is only A$139, an amazing price for a current model scooter deck. The Ethic Artefact v2 scooter deck is priced at only A$169 has some upgrades in comparison to the Erawan, it’s a little bigger with some extra cutouts to save some more weight. The high end deck model from Ethic is the Pandemonium Scooter deck, these decks are priced at A$299 and are one of the highest quality decks you’ll find, and its great for riding street or park. This deck will hold up for any level rider even though it’s the lightest of all 3 Ethics scooter decks and is the biggest in length and width. Check them out at Numfish instore or online.