What are the things someone should take into consideration when buying a complete stunt scooter?

Lets do this as a list to make it simple, consider these things, and then talk to us ! • Age • Physical Size • Skill Level (be honest, you will only be fooling yourself) • Where you ride most of the time • The type of tricks you like to do • Consider what issues you had with your last scooter • Brand preferences, style, colours, etc.. • Any Features you want or need based on history • Budget After thinking about the above things, the goal is then to figure out which complete stunt scooter ticks the most boxes for the person who is the rider !  Sounds pretty straight forward, and it can be especially when you come and talk to us or call us at Numfish Surf And Scoot.  We have a wide range of complete Stunt scooters to choose from, many brands and many options within each brand, and we don’t mind really which brand you end up choosing as long as it’s the best choice for you.