What are the warranties offered on a kick stunt scooter?

In Australia, consumer guarantees exist as part of the law. So at a minimum, those legal requirements must be met. However in general terms, warranties offered by scooter manufacturers usually will be a limited type and have a time limit as well. In simple terms, if the issue is a manufacturing defect it will be covered, but if it is an issue due to normal wear or from damage through use or abuse it wont be covered. We see a lot of scooters here at Numfish both new and used, and like anything when you see a lot of them over time its pretty quick to tell if the problem is a warranty issue or not. People new to scootering or sometimes parents who are not quite sure what actually happens to a scooter can be unaware of the stresses that get placed on the scooter during normal use, and their expectations might be very different to what we and the industry regards as general normal use and wear for a scooter. All the kick stunt scooters we stock are amazing quality, as an end user you just need to be mindful of the particular scooter and the age bracket and level of use it is designed for. Unfortunately nothing is unbreakable and all mechanical things do wear, especially things used in an extreme sport environment. As a comparison, you can’t buy a pair of hiking boots and then not expect them to wear out over time, or not be quite the same after they have been underwater - even if it was the first time you used them ! Reputable kick stunt scooter manufacturers do have warranties offered and do honour them within the limits of whats expected from the item. The manufacturers have the right to inspect what’s been damaged and to work out what’s happened. We help with both the customer and the manufacturer identify what is fair.