What does a big Single Surfboard fin do ?

This is a question we get asked a lot because so many surfboards have 3 or more fins, even a lot of Mal surfboards often have 3 fins, so why have a big Single surfboard fin at all ? Well its simple really.  It gives a very different feel and level of control of the surfboard ride, and gives a whole different challenge and style of surfboard riding.  If your starting out it can be a great way to get basic skills in place in small surf too. So, the bigger the single centre surfboard fin is, the more stable the surfboard will travel in a straight direction, and when you move your body weight further up to the front of the surfboard, the large centre single surfboard fin will still be in the water and holding the direction of travel for you. A Bigger fin equals more grip or hold on the wave, which equals slower styled turns and heaps of fun. Smaller single or multiple fins on a surfboard give less ability to move your body weight further up to the front of the surfboard because the fin will pull out of the water, leaving you to fall off the surfboard quickly. (unless you are a pro doing airs and 180/360’s !)  Smaller and multiple fins give you more turning control speed and power. Riding a longboard with a big Center surfboard fin will give you a great start if your learning to surf, and an awesome new challenge to take on if you are an experienced surfer on shorter boards. Don’t knock it till you have tried it !