What is a composite soft surfboard?

A soft surfboard, otherwise known as a softie or soft top surfboard has a big brother on steroids which is the Numfish Composite Softboard.  It is designed to be a soft surfboard that is suitable for adults so is suitable in terms of the weight and physical presence of an adult ! A basic softboard when produced well (Like the Numfish Breeze Softboard), is great for kids and light weight people, and is great up to about 6ft6 in size, but what about heavier people and what about bigger surfboard sizes ? The composite Soft surfboard is made in much the same way as a basic soft surfboard, we use the same methods and materials but also add in a layer of fiberglass and Epoxy resin underneath the soft exterior surfacess, this provides a more rigid surfboard internally which allows a person of adult weight and size to use the composite soft surfboard properly but still retain the benefits wanted from a soft surfboard.  It also allows us to produce boards up to 10ft long that will actually function like a surfboard should do.  So this gives a great option for many people ! Composite softboards provide a great way for learning surfers , or people returning to surfing after a long gap of time, (like when the kids are old enough for you to have some time back).  They won’t break the bank to get one, and they are a stress free way of getting in the water with the least amount of dramas and concerns about damage to you, others nearby and the board itself both in and out of the water. Just google Numfish Composite Soft surfboards, we have been doing them since 2008 to help people enjoy life !