What is a Funboard surfboard and why it could be a great choice to surf one

A funboard is a surfboard that is generally fairly wide, thick and relatively short. Numfish has some tweaked designs coming for the 2015-2016 season which you can pre-order now in Winter 2015.  See the website where you can see pictures of season 2014-2015 models which are fairly similar. Anyone who is a surfer, or wants to become a surfer, and wants a surfboard that will be helpful for them catch as many waves as possible with as much manoeuvrability as possible will find a funboard a great choice.  Most of us realise the attributes of surfboards is one big trade off, and a funboard surfboard mixes it up and pinches good attributes from all directions and gives a great all rounder that will give plenty of fun. Hence the name and why they have become such a popular choice for so many over the past 15 years. Numfish keep the design simple and use tried and tested shape details to ensure the “OLI” funboards hit the spot with consistency and versatility for all their owners.