What is an Adult Softboard and why its worth using one?

An Adult softboard is one that meets the need of an adult surfer.  So what are the needed characteristics of an adult softboard? Well it needs to be buoyant and rigid enough to support and function as a surfboard should, its no good having a board that bows like a banana under the weight of an adult and doesn’t respond to riding as it flexes so much. The Numfish Rush Softboard is designed specifically for adults ( in fact any age can use them) They have ample width and thickness to keep stability in paddling and riding,  and to keep the volume of the board relatively high so the choice of length provides enough buoyancy options depending on the size of the rider.  Importantly, underneath the soft surfaces are multiple Stringers and a layer of fiberglass and Epoxy resin to give the board an internal rigidity that will allow the Numfish Rush softboard to actually function as a rideable softboard by a rider of adult weight. Its well worth using an adult softboard if you are a learner, or just to keep it safe in busier beach times.  It really makes surfing as stress free as possible which is ideal for learners and busy beaches!  The soft surfaces of a Numfish Rush Softboard are quite resilient from knocks, scrapes, cuts, gashes etc.. that can occur in the water, in transit and in and out of storage.  However in most instances the softboard will continue to be safe and usable through much of these issues and with a little TLC will give you years of fun. Remember that the team at Numfish are always onhand in the event you are not sure on anything as well !  So all in all they make surfing as simple and stress free as possible especially for people new to surfing.