What is the best Scooter deck size for me?

If you’re trying to decide what scooter deck size is the best for you, the two main things to consider is the style of scooter riding you do and how big your feet are. If you’re the type of rider who wants a lightweight scooter and is always trying to throw as many tricks into one as you can, then a smaller scooter deck would be the best for you as long as your feet fit it comfortably. But if you’re the type of rider doing grinds and flowing around the skatepark and streets, then a bigger scooter deck would be more suited to that particular type of scooter riding. If you’re a mixture of both styles and ride a bunch of different ways, then you go for something in the middle! Scooter Deck’s generally range from 4” to 4.9” wide, and 19.5” to 22” long. There are plenty of things to consider when picking a scooter deck size, but your physical size and riding style are the main things to worry about, so it makes it quite an easy question to answer. If you want to discuss options , talk to us here at Numfish and we can help you select the right deck for you.