What length Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) should I choose ?

When deciding on a length for a Stand Up Paddleboard think about what you will be doing on the board to help make this decision, and who will be using it. Surfing or racing in the ocean or exploring on a calm river or lake are two different disciplines and therefore require different stand up paddleboards. Also keep in mind storage and travel as not all garages and cars can fit large SUPs, make sure you can transport and store your SUP safely ! Short SUP (less than 9'6): Great for surfing. Short SUPs are more manoeuvrable in the surf and will most likely be shaped more like a surfboard, they will be harder to ride as a result of its size and volume. Medium SUP (9'6 to 12'): A SUP this size with surfboard style attributes it can lend itself as an all rounder for flat and surf conditions, so is a great choice for starting out, for families to share and maximise the fun from an SUP. Long SUP (12’6 to 14'): Great for racing or exploring. Long SUPs are faster moving than short and medium SUPs and they tend to track straighter and plane on the water easier, especially when they are shaped more like a boat hull as opposed a surfboard style shape. They also provide a good platform for tandem rides or SUP fishing.