What makes a quality Bodyboard ?

Consistently good sourced raw materials, the most functional and cost effective raw materials, experience and refinement of the manufacturing process steps to ensure every bodyboard built will last, be functional and provide great value. Bodyboards can be made in a few different ways and use many different materials. Numfish Bodyboards are all priced under $100 and that is a reflection of the choice of materials used and the market we target, we are not excessive in material selection (example, a car doesn’t really need gold plated wheel rims) , but we never give up on the functionality and quality of the product for the value.  Our Bodyboards are all made of molded EPS foam cores by choice.  Some have Tubular fiberglass stringers inserted which dramatically increases the rigidity and internal strength of the bodyboard.  All our bodyboards have white HDPE slick bases to minimise drag in the water and keep it ecomomic, and they all have XPE decks and rails to varied thicknesses depending on the spec of the board. The key factor then relies on our factory and the long term experience in building bodyboards possessed.  The processes and checks done throughout assembly of all bodyboards in a clever and consistent manner that is proven to be sound.  It is extremely rare for our factory to build a bad bodyboard. It is important to note that for the end user that any bodyboard has a potential of being damaged, mainly by heat from the sun. Numfish bodyboards have a low rate of damage reported due to very good manufacturing processes, but precautions are best to be taken by all end users to not risk it by leaving there bodyboards in hot conditions or direct sun when not in the water being used.