What makes an expensive kick stunt scooter better than a cheaper kick stunt scooter?

With kick stunt scooters, you do get what you pay for. But you as the rider just need to decide what is worth paying for. You are definitely going to get a better product with a top end kick stunt complete scooter in comparison to a decent entry level kick stunt complete scooter. This is simply because the higher end models use higher quality materials, often have heat treatments applied to some components, and are made to tighter tolerances in production. They are designed to take harder treatment from larger riders and higher levels of impact from more experienced riders. This doesn’t mean the lower priced kick stunt complete scooters are terrible, they are made to suit mainly younger riders and riders who are not stressing the scooter so much. As a rider improves and learns tricks and/or gets older and bigger the requirements of the scooter increase and that’s when the more expensive complete scooter will provide better value. That’s why its worth talking to us here at Numfish in person, on the phone or email, we can discuss and help you make the best choice of complete scooter to suit the riders age, size, skill, attitude and budget. We want you to get the best value complete scooter and that will be different for every rider !