What’s the difference between the stunt scooter completes?

Every stunt scooter has their own unique style, special features and claims, it could be lightweight, or the bar style, or the clamp style or some other unique aspect. A complete off the shelf stunt scooter does give the best value for money compared to building your own custom stunt scooter, but it does come at the cost of riding something a bit generic, and many other people will also be riding the exact same setup stunt scooter too.  So you need to ask yourself what matters, what is important to you and what your budget is? Many functional aspects  are similar on all the different brand complete stunt scooters, that is simply because they have all evolved to what works best generally. The good developments stay and spread and the ideas that didn’t work so well fade away into history.  Every brand adds their own style and take on the rough standards of how a scooter is built, and of course there are always innovative developments that are being presented to be tested which can be exciting for riders! There will be a complete stunt scooter that will tick almost all (if not all) the aspects of what a rider is looking for, so in the end it comes down to rider choice of preferred functional aspects, styling and colours and any extra feature that you might really want to have. Its important to remember that complete stunt scooters are made in various levels of quality to suit age ranges and level of skill, so an entry level budget priced scooter can be a fantastic purchase for the right person.  Talk to the team at Numfish Surf and Scoot to ensure you get honest help in making the right choice for you.