What’s the difference in kick scooter wheel sizes?

Kick Scooter wheels come in three main sizes which are 100mm, 110mm and 120mm. They all work great, they all roll well, however the limiting factor might be what will fit on your kick scooter because of the fork design, the brake design, and the clearance of the front wheel to the deck. A bigger scooter wheel will give more clearance to the ground which can be either a positive or negative aspect depending each and every rider. A larger wheel will have the ability to roll a tiny bit faster but maybe not even be noticeable anyway once your consider the state of the wheel bearings. Generally speaking the 100mm scooter wheels are quite standard fitments on entry level complete scooters to keep costs down. However some top end complete scooters have them fitted simply because they work well and help keep the overall weight of the complete scooter as low as possible. Many really cheap scooters will make 100mm scooter wheels with a plastic core, however they simply don’t last and that’s why they are scooters that are more like a child's toy scooter. The 110mm scooter wheel is the default standard size in Australia due to every legitimate pro scooter company releasing their wheels in that size, and most of them also make complete scooters and have them fitted as standard as well. The 120mm scooter wheel is the most recent addition and appears on the top end complete scooters on offer. It is more commonly used when complete custom scooters are built up as well. For skate park riding, the bigger the wheel the better (within reason) as it gives you more clearance off the ground which reduces the chance of scraping on any surface, it also can helps cleaner landings on tricks due to your heel/toes not being able to drag when landing a trick on an angle. Numfish have a great range of 100mm, 110mm and 120mm wheels available and we can help you choose the right wheel to suit your scooter if your not sure.