What scooter compression is best for me?

The easiest way to figure out which compression is best for you is to know what other scooter parts you are riding or want to ride with. What fork do want to use ? What bars do you want to use ? Do you want a double, triple or Quad clamp ? Unfortunately not everything in kick scooters is compatible because different items force different methods of scooter compression to be used. Brands tend to make their products to work with their own products very well. Mixing of brands products can work fine because is there is some degree of standardisation, but you hit some limitations at some point. The key thing is to consider which bar and fork you’re wanting to ride, depending on which bar and fork you want, you’ll be able to answer your own question. It can be quite complicated but you’ll probably want one of the three common on scooter compression systems - either IHC, HIC or SCS. Or even the less common ICS has some great advantages depending on what you want from your scooter.   If you need any further guidance or knowledge then ask one of the Numfish staff, we are always here to help.