What Size bodyboard do I need ?

A lot of people use the guide of bellybutton height to size a bodyboard to suit a person. While not technically correct it is often a close enough estimate.  The better size is the distance between your top of knee and bottom of chin, take note of that length as it’s a better measurement to work with as that is where the bodyboard will be used when in the water. So go on, have a measure of your bellybutton height versus top of knee to bottom of chin, most of the time its not that big a difference between to fuss over for most people, especially when you then have to consider the other next steps. So, step 1, take a note of your measurement (knee to Chin, and floor to bellybutton). Step 2, have a look at this grid of weight to bodyboard height and adjust the size selection if you need to compensate for weight. **It’s a guide only, it can depend on the construction style of the boogieboard as well ! Board Size    Weight        Height 36”                28-50kg       120-150cm 38”                30-55kg       135-155cm 40”                40-70kg       156-168cm 42”                65-95kg        170-185cm 44”                75-120kg      175-195cm Step 3. Consider if you or the rider is growing, or likely to gain or lose weight, adjust your selection accordingly. That’s it ! Numfish have a good selection of Bodyboards from 36” to 44” that are great value, just check them out and if you have any questions contact the team at Numfish by email, facebook or phone, or drop in if your local to Geelong and they will happily assist you ! Shipments are sent Australia wide all year round.