What size fiberglass surfboard is best for me ?

Everyone always wonders about what size fiberglass surfboard will be best for them and the simple answer is everyone is different, so ultimately you have to make a choice to suit yourself, the conditions you ride in and the skill and style of your riding. In the past people talked about length of a fiberglass surfboard and its width and thickness because that’s all we had to go by, but these days it can be more easily converted in to volume (Litres) to give a far more precise comparison of different size fiberglass surfboards. For example a 6ft surfboard with 26 litres of volume will be vastly different to ride compared to a 6ft surfboard with 39 litres of volume. So, unless you have ridden loads of surfboards and surfed in lots of different conditions it can be hard to know what different shapes, sizes and volumes means, so lets go back to the basics to help those people new to surfing be able to understand a few key things to help make it easier.
  • Board Volume – is a function of length, width and thickness throughout all the parts of the surfboard, the higher the volume the more buoyancy the board has.
  • Board width – the wider the board the more stable it is, the narrower it gets the more wobbly it becomes to be on it.
  • Board Thickness – the thicker the board the more foam there is, and therefore its more buoyant and will be able to hold bigger weights up when in the water and will be easier to paddle.
  • Board length – the longer the board is the more it planes with ease. The shorter the board it becomes more sluggish to paddle.
  • Rocker – Is the curve in the board along the bottom surface, a shallow rocker will help a surfboard plane through the water, a tighter curving rocker will be slower to paddle but is better in fast tight curling waves.
Lets stop there so as to not overload on information... In summary, A higher volume fiberglass surfboard (longer, wider, thicker) will be of benefit to you to learn with, or ride fatter waves. The board will be more gentle in its ability to manoeuvre. A lower volume fiberglass surfboard (shorter, Narrower, Thinner) will be better for faster curling waves and more action type manoeuvres. It always helps to talk and see a range of good options especially for those in the learner to intermediate skill level, Come and see us, or call us to discuss it.  At Numfish Surf and Scoot and we are happy to help. Remember we can ship Surfboards anywhere in Australia all year round !