What Style of Stand Up Paddleboards are there?

There are 2 distinct styles a Stand up Paddlebard can be shaped to. A planeing Hull or a Displacement Hull.  But what does that mean ?!? lets briefly explain that. Planeing hulls ride and look similar to a surfboard. They are great for both flat water and in the surf. They are the most stable type of SUP and the most versatile, perfect for beginners and those interested in recreational surfing and paddling in either flat water or surf conditions. When you paddle the board it is made to Plane across the surface of the water, pushing the water under it as it moves. Displacement hulls have a pointed nose and often a V-shaped bottom similar to a kayak or canoe. These hulls minimise drag and increase paddle efficiency allowing the user to cover greater distances and travel at higher speed. To further this effect, SUPs with displacement hulls are often longer and narrower making them faster, but also less stable than a planning hull.  They cut through the water and are really designed for racing and transporting you as quick as possible from point to point.