What things should I consider when looking at a Soft surfboard for me ?

Most soft surfboards are purchased for learning surfers or infrequent summer surfers because the safety and convenience benefits are fantastic ! Two key questions to think about are :       How big are you, and how old are you ? If your under 12 and under 50kg you could go for a basic soft surfboard, such as the Numfish Breeze range of soft surfboards. If your older than 12, or heavier than 50kg (or even if you close to it) than a composite soft surfboard such as the Numfish Rush range of soft surfboards would be more suitable for functionality and will provide better longevity for those who are young and growing fast ! What you want from a soft surfboard is for it to be functional for the size of the person, so the above comments about size/age/weight are critical as you need to have a soft surfboard that is rigid enough to actually ride, control and handle properly when in use.  A basic soft surfboard is fine for light and young riders to use, but someone who is too heavy for it will find it flexes and bows when in use and it won’t help learning properly and will eventually break the board. That’s why compooste soft surfboards are better for adults and teens. Apart from that you just need to remember that the bigger the board the easier it will be to learn with.  So consider how often you will ride it and what you plan is overall.  Call us or drop in and talk to us at Numfish Surf and Scoot and we are happy to help you make the best choice for you or you family so you get the most fun and value from you selection. We can ship surfboards to you anywhere in Australia all year round !