What to look for when researching for Scooters.

OK so you need (or want) a new scooter ! Awesome !!
  • First thing is to consider how much you can afford because that really determines what you can get.  At the time of writing this article a decent entry level complete scooter will set you back about $170 to $180. That ensures you have metal core wheels and a threadless fork system.
  • Other off the shelf complete scooters can be up to about $400 and there are big differences that explain the prices, they are all amazing value!  Beyond that, your in the world of a Custom complete scooter and here you generally can expect to spend anywhere between $500 and $1100 dependant on what components are selected, what you end up with is a sick setup that’s unique to you.
  • All off the shelf complete scooters on the market have differences and making the best choice or narrowing the best options down for each person is sometimes difficult, so talk to us and we can help you make the best choice to suit you. We have a very wide range of brands and if we don’t have it in stock we can generally get it for you as well.
  • Custom complete scooters means there are lots of things to consider like deck size, compression choice, fork style, wheel size, bar size, and more ; all of which you will need, but you need to be sure that what you want to have is actually achievable due to the differences between standards and brands.  Not all options interchange as freely as people think, so your best bet is to talk to us first to ensure what you want is able to be done.
We can build it up for you as well so you know its put together the right way. We have seen many scooters assembled the wrong way and parts get destroyed. Make it easy on yourself and check out the items online www.numfish.com.au and if your not sure just ask us via email, phone or facebook message and we can help you.