Which Envy complete Scooter is best for me?

The current Envy Complete Scooter range consists of three different scooters to suit budget, age and skill level. The entry level Colt, the mid-range Prodigy and the top-end King of Spades (KOS). The Envy Colt complete scooter comes with a shorter style handlebar with a decent deck width and length, it target market is really scooter riders aged 13 and under who are starting out. The Envy Prodigy complete scooter has some fantastic upgrades from the Colt, such as larger wheels, taller and wider handle bars and a longer and overall better quality deck which includes a nice cutout to eliminate some weight. Materials and finishes are superior as well. They are suitable for any age scooter rider, a great scooter that has some generic feel to them to keep costs down so is a great mid level complete scooter option. The Envy King of Spades (KOS) complete scooter comes in three unique styles, the Heist, Charge & Soul which all have a different style handlebar & colour scheme. These offer as much customised feel while being a complete scooter package. Upgrades from the Prodigy include larger wheels, aluminium handle bar options, superior materials and heat treatment of components, and a more customised after market feel. They are suitable for any age rider, and they maximise great componentry into a complete scooter option. Numfish can help you make the right choice to suit each person, so have a chat with us first in person, or on the phone.