Why a longboard is a great choice over a smaller fiberglass surfboard for a learning surfer.

In simple terms the longer, the wider and thicker a surfboard is the easier it will be to ride. Go back in history and it will all make sense to why people rode longboards in 50’s and 60’s.  Lets cover a few basic points to help clarify that. • Board width – the wider the board the more stable it is, the narrower it gets the more wobbly it becomes to be on it. So a learner will benefit from a wider board. • Board Thickness – the thicker the board is the more foam there is and therefore its more buoyant and will be able to hold bigger weights up when in the water and will be easier to paddle. So a learner will benefit from a thicker board. • Board length – the longer the board is the more it planes with ease. The shorter the board it gets the more sluggish to paddle. So a learner will benefit from a longer board. So it stands to reason and is factually correct to say that a nice wide, thick, longboard with a gentle rocker (curve along the bottom) will make learning to surf as easy as possible. The only other thing a learner surfer can do to improve their chances of success is to start surfing when conditions are nice, clean and not too big. Then you will have fun and discover the fun of surfing, and as you get better and better by all means try different conditions and give it a go on a smaller board and feel how different it is!