Why an Adult softboard is a better choice than a fiberglass surfboard for a learning surfer.

This question gets asked a lot, and it really depends on each person, their character, where they surf, and the skill level they have.  Our view is that a Adult softboard like the Numfish Rush Softboard is the best choice.  Lets outline a 3 common scenarios to help you understand why we believe that to be the case, from the perspective a learner who is not yet familiar with handling a surfboard. You accidently hit a corner of a doorway/Car door/shed door/fence/gate with you board. If it was a hardboard then sharp edges and repair work is likely to be needed but if it was a softboard it is likely still to be usable and safe but scarred. Walking back to the car after a surf and the wind catches the board and it flies out of your hands smashing into the pathway.  If it was a hardboard then multiple dings and sharp edges and repair work will be most likely required but if it was a softboard it probably still usable and safe but maybe with a few scuffs. While riding in the surf the board flings out and hits a young child in the face in the surf.  If it was a hardboard then it most probable the child has a large open wound that will be best taken care of at a hospital, but if it was a softboard the child will likely be sore,  bruised and a bit upset. Its pretty simple to see why so many people use adult softboards to learn to surf based just of these 3 example scenarios,  its all about keeping the whole experience fun, carefree and as safe as possible for everyone .