Why do beginners seem too often have issues and repairs with their pro kick scooters ?

Pro kick scooters are made as strong and light as possible, but they are made with cost in mind too and that’s why there are entry level scooters and high end scooters. The scooters that Numfish sell are all great quality, but they are produced to suit specific age/size/skill sets.  If you have a scooter that is being used beyond its design limit it just won’t last for you. Younger riders when starting to ride pro kick scooters seem to have lots of little issues, so here is some tips to minimise these if that is you, or your child ! Don’t ride in dirt, stones, gravel, puddles or water! That just invites rust, and damage to moving parts. Store it inside or under cover on a stand, to minimise damage from rain and dew or being crushed by a car or something else. Use the brake gently! If you skid the wheel will get a flat spot. Don’t throw your scooter (even when bailing a trick) you will end up with bend parts and damaged bearings very quickly if you do. Don’t continually tighten nuts, bolts and screws! You will strip threads or heads very quickly if you do this. If your things rattle and loosen that quick it’s probably another issue. Remember that bearings, grip tape and hand grips will all wear out with use. Damage can occur to bearings on the first day of use it just depends what impact it has taken. For specific help and advice about your pro kick complete scooter or components contact Numfish Scooters via email or phone 03 5248 8822, we build and repair 1000’s of scooters every year !