Why longboards are great for beginner surfers

Longboard surfboards are also referred to as Malibu surfboards or "Mals". They are available in different sizes - you might've heard the term "mini Mal" which is a longboard at the smaller end of the scale of a longboard. One of the main things about longboards compared to other types of surfboards is that they are bigger, heavier and more stable - hence the name "longboard". They are great for beginner surfers because they are far more stable and less likely to "flick out" from beneath you the moment you catch a wave! You will find yourself standing up in no time learning to surf with a longboard. The bigger the board, the easier it is to catch a wave. Shortboards are better suited to the experienced surfer as they require a greater level of balance and skill. When you stand on a longboard all you need to do is ride on in! Shortboards are better for "carving up" the waves - something most beginners can't do straight away! At Numfish Surf & Scoot we cater for all surfers, from kids through to beginner adults and experienced surfers. We have longboards available in composite and fibreglass materials. If you're an adult beginner surfer we recommend starting with a composite longboard surfboard until you feel confident enough to graduate to a fibreglass Malibu! If you need help choosing a surfboard don't hesitate to contact us. We are a surf shop based in Geelong with online purchase and delivery available Australia-wide.